Importance of Hiring a Good Contractor for Commercial Roofing Surrey BC

Wayback MachineRemember, you want a good contractor for commercial roofing in Surrey BC and only a good contractor, nothing in between good and bad. Hiring the wrong contractor cannot only result in a badly installed roof, but also a lot of money being wasted. So while looking for a contractor, give it as much time as possible so that you end up with a good one.

You may start by asking for recommendations from people you know. There must be a lot of people in your area that have hired roofers in the past and you can easily find out about their past contractors by asking them. If another person gives you an approval about a contractor, you will be more confident in hiring the roofer for the job.

Another thing you can do is that you can search for a roofer online. There are many roofing services provided by roofers and many of them have their own websites. This gives them a touch of professionalism and you can view their customer feedback and work history too. If they have a credible website with reputable information about their work, then you can note down their contact numbers and call them.

The following are the things you must not do while hiring a contractor for commercial roofing in Surrey BC:

  • Do not hire a stray labourer. You must make sure that the contractor you are hiring is highly qualified for the job.
  • Do not pay up front. You can never rely on your contractor too much. He may not show up for work or come to work days later. He may not perform his job properly and he might not but the right materials required for roofing just to save some money.
  • Do not pay for incomplete work. Many contractors leave midway while still having an active contract with you. They may leave for personal reasons or simply because they were not able to do the job.
  • Do not hire contractors that increase their prices after inspection.

Here are the things you should do while hiring a contractor:

  • Ask for the service provider’s license or proof of his license. He must be certified by law to perform the task. This will not only assure you that the contractor you are hiring is a skilled and experienced roofer, it will also save you some trouble in the future in case the roofer does not hold legitimate rights
  • Ask for the contractor’s tax identification number, business number, business address and website address to ensure that the roofer is not a fraud.
  • Have a free estimate written down on paper so that drastic changes are not made after inspection.
  • Have the details of the job including the warranty for labour and products used for construction on paper and have it signed by the contractor. All promises, guarantees and warranties must be included in this paper.

With all these things taken care of you can be sure of hiring the right contractor for commercial roofing in Surrey BC.

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